Maya McColm, the story behind NERO

Maya has worked in many areas of dietetic practice over her extensive 30 plus years’ experience. These areas include working in hospitals, research and private practice.

Maya went into private practice with the naive belief that private practice would provide more flexible work hours and greater remuneration to help support bringing up 3 young children under 3 years of age.

Like so many dietitians, Maya was passionate making a positive impact on her client’s health journey. Maya stated that, “few things give me greater pleasure than supporting clients to make the behavioural nutrition changes to achieve their health goals”.

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Coco Lemon Balls

Tasty, simple and quick to make! The perfect snack for your child’s lunchbox….or for the grown ups lunch boxes!

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MEDIA RELEASE – Expert Nutrition Advice At Your Fingertips

In an Australian first, Nutrition Education Resources Online (NERO) has launched a revolutionary new app that can cut dietetic consultation time and boost results, all by using a ‘flipped classroom’ technique.

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Simple rice and veggie bowls

This is a delicious and simple way to get lots of vegetables, fibre and good fats into your day!

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Pear Crisps

Pear crisps are a delicious alternative to packaged chips. Whilst also being so simple to make. They are defiantly a winner for the kid’s lunchbox!

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Pumpkin Curry Soup

A yummy winter warmer! Make a batch of pumpkin curry soup for dinner and use left overs for a quick delicious lunch.

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Chocolate Mousse Snack with Strawberries

A delicious avocado alternative to the traditional chocolate mousse!

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Avocado Pesto Pasta with Grilled Cherry Tomatoes

A yummy meat free pasta option for dinner or to include in the kids (or grown ups) lunch boxes!

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Flipped Classroom – Nutrition Counselling Technique?

Further to our previous blog ‘Learning Styles and Nutrition Counselling’, understanding and incorporating learning styles can improve outcomes for our clients in professional practice. Therefore, when it comes to nutrition counselling it is important to utilise different and appropriate techniques to help maximise the education of clients and improve the outcome of consultation sessions. One potential technique could be “flipped classroom” teaching.

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Banana & Zucchini Bread

A yummy twist to traditional banana bread, this is a great recipe to sneak more vegetables into your baking! This bread is full of fibre, vitamins and minerals. The perfect lunch box snack!

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