MEDIA RELEASE – Expert Nutrition Advice At Your Fingertips

In an Australian first, Nutrition Education Resources Online (NERO) has launched a revolutionary new app that can cut dietetic consultation time and boost results, all by using a ‘flipped classroom’ technique.

‘Flipped classroom’ means that clients start their health journey, prior to seeing their Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) rather than at the first consultation.

The free NERO app allows clients to complete a general nutrition assessment, plan their meals and receive basic nutrition education via short videos.

The news comes as National Science Week, an initiative of the Australian Government, kicks off (13 – 21 August 2016).

‘Commencing their education journey prior to seeing an APD helps makes the consultations more efficient and effective, allowing deeper discussion of individualised strategies to meet health goals,’ said Maya McColm, developer of the NERO app.

Ms McColm, an APD with more than 30 years experience, says her consultation times have almost halved and her client satisfaction rating with the service has increased significantly since using the NERO app.

‘NERO was developed in response to a rapidly changing technological environment, and it’s essential that qualified health professionals fill this space. Using technology to enhance professional services for clients is the way of the future.

‘We have made it easy for APDs to incorporate practical and scientifically backed technologies into their practice, allowing them to provide the best possible service to their clients,’ said Ms McColm.

Using NERO technology, APDs can be mobile and provide client support 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  The flipped classroom technique can also be used for subsequent consultations.

‘APDs can send education materials and clients can view them prior to any appointment. They can also make an appointment via the app.

‘There are more than 30 000 health apps in existence already, many of which are not reliable or safe.  The NERO app has been designed by APDs and custom built for APDs to support their clients in reaching health goals,’ said Ms McColm.

NERO is a Corporate Partner of the Dietitians Association of Australia.

For further information or to organise an interview with Maya McColm, contact Felicity Curtain, Dietitians Association of Australia, on 0409 661 920.

NERO technology

NERO technology is based on two integrated apps. One designed for professionals, changing the way they engage with their clients. Consultation efficiency and effectiveness is increased by using the flipped classroom technique. The other is a FREE app which is available to anyone interested in scientifically backed nutrition information to support them in reaching their health goals.

The FREE NERO app is available on Google Play and Apple Store. It enables users to complete a quick nutritional assessment based on the Australian Dietary Guidelines, set health goals, monitor weight and waist measurements and view visually stimulating basic nutrition education videos. It allows users to connect with their APD for support or to arrange an appointment as required. The NERO free app also contains a state-of-the-art GPS system enabling the user to find an APD.

NERO technology helps the professional APD to support their clients to get results.

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