Quinoa Porridge

A gluten-free alternative to oats, start your day right with this nutritious and very tasty quinoa porridge! It contains a lot of goodness for a great start to the day. Use some of the suggested toppings in this recipe for an extra nutritious boost and to help get a jump on your fruit servings for the day!

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Why you should start your day with a healthy breakfast

You’ve probably heard the saying countless times that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. There is good research suggesting that having a nutritious breakfast in the morning is important for healthy weight management, enhanced mood, improved concentration and overall well-being.

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Tomato Turmeric Soup

Perfect twist to tomato soup to warm up on a cool winter’s day!

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Nut-Free Bites!

Perfect for the kid’s lunch box as these bites contain no nuts and should adhere to your schools policies around lunchboxes!

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Tips to save time and money when feeding your family

When it comes to eating healthy on a budget, the majority of people believe it is impossible! However, by incorporating these tips into your week, eating healthy on a budget will become a lot easier than you first thought!

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The perfect lunch box Frittatas!

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Learning Styles and Nutrition Counselling

A recent lecture last month at the Qld Branch DAA Professional Development  Day, by Rhiannon Barnes, highlighted the importance of understanding the learning styles for self-awareness in professional practice.

Learning styles are various approaches of taking in, organizing and processing stimuli or information that can be used to facilitate individual focused educating methods that help allow the individual to learn best.

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Healthy lunch box pikelets!

These pikelets aren’t just any old pikelets! Unlike most other packaged pickelets, these pikelets contain a lot of the nutrients needed throughout the day! Continue reading


Have we been living a big fat lie?

Fat has long had a bad image as far as our food is concerned. In the 1960’s it was common belief that fat was our enemy and the time when supermarkets began stocking low-fat products. However, by removing fat from products such as cheese and yogurt, it also removed their flavour and to mask the blandness that remained, the food companies added sugar and preservatives! Ironically, since the rise of low-fat products, obesity has drastically increased. So where did it go so wrong? There are many lifestyle factors that have contributed to the rise of obesity such as inactivity, the rise of fast food chains and the increase of processed packaged foods. But one thing that we now are certain of is that consuming good quality fats, within our energy budget, won’t make us fat. Here’s why.

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Date and Coconut Balls

Wanting an easy healthy snack for the kid’s lunch boxes? Try whipping up these date and coconut balls and watch them come back begging for more! And all you need is two ingredients!

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